Magnetic Suction Cup with Flexible Arm

Item Number : 8018

Extreme Magnetic Suction Cup

KLIQ suction cup holder, has a POWER-GEL-PAD. This ensures a secure and firm attachment.Should it get dirty, it can simply be cleaned with warm water and put back to its initial state


The holder is freely rotatable by 360 °. Tilt and swivel in all directions for a comfortable viewing angle. The right angle of sight can always be fixed by the fixing screw.

Flexible Arm

Kliq provides full 360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape viewing with rotatable ball joint and flexible goose neck, you can find the viewing angle that’s right for you

Grip System

Sticky suction pad adheres securely to most dashboards, windshields including textured surfaces, yet is still easily removable and can be restored to its prime condition by rinsing it with warm water and let it to air dry

2 Step Locking

(1) Step Down – For smooth surface
(2) Step Down – For textured surface

Makes your device secure