Laptop Charger

90 Watts universal Laptop Adapter with USB Charging port

Item Number : 7908

Universal Laptop Charger

Charge and power your laptop from a standard wall outlet with the irago Universal Laptop Charger. This universal laptop power supply is engineered with 90W of power to deliver a strong charge to any compatible laptop.



Universally designed to charge and power a variety of laptop computers, the compatible laptop charger includes 10 power tips for most laptops that are made by Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, Etc…


AC adapter features intelligent protection circuitry, which ensures a reliable and safe charge. Its over-load, over-temperate, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection.


Other than the main power cord, the irago 90W Universal Laptop Charger is sold overseas. For that reason, it supports both 120V and 240V input power. This makes it a great travel buddy.


The irago laptop cahrger has a 5V USB ports that is capable of charging at up to 2.1A. This makes them fast chargers. We’re very happy to see this since most USB chargers only provide 1A of charging capability, making them slow to charge modern phones.


The laptop charger comes with 10 connectors to choose from, but they’re the 10 most common ones. These connectors alone should work with about 80% of the laptops on the market. But you should double check the exact connector to make sure.