IRAGO Videos

Wavz X9
Enjoy music anywhere anytime: The Wavz X9 is tough and built with rubberized, rugged exterior shield that protects it from the environment, but not available to totally immerse into water. The small music box is portable to carry and also has long battery life of up to 12 hours, that means you can enjoy non-stop music in wild weather or the wildest pool party.
Blupro M410
Irago Blupro M410 10 Watt Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker. 3D surround sound, compatible with smartphones, tablets and many other devices. Whether laying low or running The Blupro M410 adds to its fun.
Razr H5
Razr H5 Bluetooth On-Ear headphones adopting moving-coil speaker and ultrathin membrane technology. With built-in Bluetooth 4.0 stereo module, Effective connection distance reach more than 10 meters. Equipped with 40 mm professional moving coil units, provide high fidelity sound and allows you to enjoy high quality music anytime and anywhere.
Re-Charge 3500
You cannot help that your job requires you to be on the phone half the time. But you can change the way you stay connected. If you want to ensure that your phone is charged at all times, even when you’re travelling, you need this Irago Recharge 350 3500 mAh power bank.
Re-Charge 8500
Take with you on vacation, to the beach, and on business trips. Never run out of battery. New Design, Sleek and Stylish – Rubberized Finish. Bold, Sexy and Sleek.
Stainless Steel USB Cable
Stainless steel materials allows you free wheeling positions without worrying every little move will affect the use, and no more entanglement with worn and torn conventional cables.
The TPE protector and Metal plated case are useful to stop the Aluminum alloy plug from breaking off, offering a durable usage.
Aluminium Alloy Metal USB Cable
This Cable is made of zinc alloy sync and copper conductors. It charges your smart phone or tablet 40% faster than traditional cables safely, with high transfer speeds. It’s Pure copper conductor ensures Compatibility with any apple device.
The Gripz suction cup holder, has a POWER-GEL-PAD. This ensures a secure and firm attachment.Should it get dirty, it can simply be cleaned with warm water and put back to its initial state.
Car Buddy
Includes specially designed-to-grip most cars air-condition vents for super strong steady support. The strong magnetic pull will firmly hold your phone or GPS devices! Includes 2 slim metal plates that can stick directly to your phone or phone’s case, or can be placed in between your phone and case. (FYI most Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Note 4/3/2 – allow the back-piece to be removed so the metal plate can be placed in between your battery and the cover to keep the slimmest design.
2 in 1 Car and Home Charger
The sophisticated and reliable charger with FCC and RoHS certifications can be widely used in the house, in the car or in the hotel. Small size makes it is a good companion wherever you go, you don’t need to experience electricity depletion of your smart phone or other digital devices in car and hotel.