The Mission
Making it brilliant

Irago is more than a collection of highly skilled engineers designing accessories for the mobile and computer industry. We are also a team that is drawn together by a common sense of purpose that is reflected in our mission statement:

At Irago, we harness tomorrow’s technology to enable our customers to capture today’s markets.”

Embedded in this statement is a commitment to:

1. Provide lasting value to our customers
2. Apply technology to enhance the capabilities of our customers
3. Continue to make an ongoing technical contribution to society

and Identity
and Development
Our Process
Our process begins with research, to get to know the end consumer and understand the market trends. Then our planning stage begins, determing the materials and new products that we will bring to market. Once a product is selected, the creativity stage goes into full swing, resulting in a fresh, stylish and unique product design. The final step is to proceed to production.





Why us
Design. Create. Produce.

At Irago we always have the end consumer in mind. Following market trends and Researching, to be able to bring hot, fresh and unique products to market. Combine all the above, plus our second to none customer service and you’ll have a win win process. 

Informative Packaging
Modern Designs
Premium Materials
Customer Service